Getting started:
"What is Zero Carb?" by Charles Washington 
Carnivore Diet Meal Plan by Carnivore Aurelius
Just Meat - Compilation of best carnivore resources and more complete than this page including books
Michael Goldstein 
Zeroing In On Health - Facebook group with many zero carb veterans
Charles Washington and others
World Carnivore Tribe - Facebook group 
Zero Carb Reddit
Meat Heals  - Success stories from a variety of people with different health histories and conditions
Shawn Baker and Michael Goldstein 
Dr. Shawn Baker - World record holding, steak eating, backflipping carnivore surgeon
Diagnosis DietWhy vegetables may be unnecessary/harmful, sustainability, and mental effects
Dr. Georgia Ede
Empirica - Excellent blog on how to get started on a ketogenic carnivore diet and some science
Amber O’Hearn
Paleomedicina - Doctors in Hungary publishing research and reversing autoimmune conditions with a carnivore diet
My Zero Carb Life - Blog by Kelly Hogan, Zero Carb Veteran packed with information and practical advice
Burn Fat Not Sugar - Dr. Ted Naiman
Grass-Based - PhD in agronomy on sustainability of beef and myths about environmental impacts
Peter Ballerstedt
Zero Carb Zen - Website with excellent blogs and interviews with carnivores
Esmee La Fleur
Zero Carb Health
Kevin Stock / Meat Health - Blog and guide for diving deep on various carnivore topics
Dr. Bret Scher - Low carb cardiologist with a science-based and practical blog and podcast
Born to Eat Meat
Dr. Paul Mabry
Protein Power - Excellent blog and book on lower carb / high protein diets
Drs. Mary and Michael Eades
Principia Carnivora (Facebook)
Guthack - The Carnivore Diet for IBS and IBD
Keto Foods list
The Ketogenic Athlete - Informative and fun podcast on carnivore and ketogenic diets with athletics 
Brian Williamson and Danny Vega 
Tuit Nutrition - Very thoughtful blog on protein and ketogenic myths
Amy Berger 
Ash Simmonds / Carnivore's Creed / High Steaks - Deep research on keto and zero carb
Frank Tufano (YouTube) - Videos on a nutrient dense, organ-meat heavy carnivore diet
The Fat Emperor
Ivor Cummins
Ketogenic Forums
Weston A Price Foundation 

Products I like:

Nose2Tail Organ complex - Optimal Carnivore

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Human Performance Outliers with Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter
Corporate Warrior with Lawrence Neal
Peak Human - A Food Lies Podcast with Brian Sanders
Primal Edge Health with Tristan Haggard
Paleo Solution with Robb Wolf
Low Carb Cardiologist Podcast with Dr. Bret Scher
Biohackers Lab