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Tara Dussen and Natalie Kovarik - Dairy Farming and Cattle Ranching Myth Busting

April 3, 2023 / by Scott


Tara Vander Dussen (@taravanderdussen) and Natalie Kovarik (@nataliekovarik) are an environmental scientist/dairy farmer and a pharmacist/rancher who have been sharing their lives and agriculture stories online as a way to build a community around Ag and contribute our voices to an industry and lifestyle they are extremely passionate about. They are the hosts of Discover Ag, a podcast + docuseries (coming soon) that pioneers conversation around relevant and trending topics in Agriculture and reconnects us back to the hands that feed us



Discover Ag - https://pod.link/1615443750


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David Fishchuk - Poverty, Entrepreneurship, and Mindset

March 25, 2023 / by Scott

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David Fishchuk (@davidfishchuk) is a mindset & fitness coach, family man, and internet entrepreneur. David struggled with eating lots of plants and processed foods and before starting a new way of life in health and fitness going into keto, carnivore, and animal-based diets.




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Kay Stewart - Optimal Dog Nutrition and Why Vets Are Often Wrong

March 19, 2023 / by Scott


Kay Stewart (@realdogbox) is an expert in dog nutrition. She was a veterinary technician for over 40 years, a biotechnical researcher, and is now a researcher at Real Dog Box and a writer for the Feed Real Institute.






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Brandon Miller - Maintaining 100 lb Weight Loss and Fixing IBD

March 11, 2023 / by Scott


Brandon Miller (@carnivorebmillz) is a 21-year-old health coach and personal trainer who started a carnivore diet to improve the quality of his life after losing 100 lbs. He implements a low-carb or carnivore approach to help people improve their own health.



Brandon's podcast, The Primal Side: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-xOBwDRiNb0CooeFS8QeA?sub_confirmation=1


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Dr. Miki Ben-Dor - Living Paleo Style - Dealing with Ancestors-Modern Life Mismatch

March 4, 2023 / by Scott


Dr. Miki Ben-Dor (@bendormiki) is a paleoanthropologist at Tel Aviv University studying the causal relationship between Paleolithic nutrition and human evolution. In our first podcast together, we covered Paleoanthropology Teaches Us about Carnivore, Protein vs. Fat, and Fruit - check that out if you missed it!


Dr. Ben-Dor has written a new book, Living Paleo Style, which extends the template of dealing with the ancestors-modern life mismatch and the emotional aspect of our lives.






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Michael Mathieu - Quadriplegic Healing and New Life With Carnivore

February 26, 2023 / by Scott


Michael Mathieu (@carnivorequad) is a health coach, bodyworker, and successful carnivore. Michael suffered for decades with chronic illness and a spinal cord injury which he blames on high oxalates and now at 58 years old and three years on a low oxalate diet has healed and completely changed his life. He's also begun slowly healing back parts of his quadriplegic dysfunction.



Michael's own podcast


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Trevor Griffith - From Bedridden and Memory Loss to Thriving Entrepreneur

February 18, 2023 / by Scott


Trevor Griffith (@trevorlee89) is a Marine, bodybuilder, gym owner, and carnivore coach. The carnivore diet brought him from bedridden and forgetting his family/wife to a thriving, healthy entrepreneur!



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Monique Attinger - Low Oxalate Expert & Coach with 15 Years Experience

February 5, 2023 / by Scott


Monique Attinger BA, MLIS, CHN (@lowoxcoach) is a certified holistic nutritionist and world-renowned expert on the plant compound called oxalate with over 15 years of experience treating, researching, and teaching about how to navigate oxalates. On social media and on her website, she is known as the Low Ox Coach. She is your partner in reaching your health goals through a focus on reducing your oxalate intake, in combination with high density nutrition and targeted nutritional supplements.






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Jeannie - Low Ox After UTIs, Diverticular Infections, CDiff and More

January 29, 2023 / by Scott


Jeannie Deangelis, (@lowoxgrandma), shares her story online about her experience healing from the ravages of oxalate toxicity. Jeannie spent years suffering from diverticular infections, C-Diff, several surgeries, UTIs, migraines, and more before finding a way to improve it all by consuming low oxalate foods.




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Fin Maclaren MSc - How to Sleep Better, Carnivore for Eczema

January 22, 2023 / by Scott


Finlay Maclaren BSc, MSc (@chatting_fit) is a strength coach, nutritionist and podcast host of the Chatting Fit Podcast where he shares Knowledge, Opinions & Unconventional Wisdom from a variety of excellent guests like Dr. Bill Schindler, Dr Natalie West, Casey Ruff, Dr Anthony Chaffee, and many more. He is an advocate of Low-carb and animal-based diets and excelled in Rugby and Olympic weightlifting until injuries curtailed his progression.





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