006: Amy Berger - Gender Bias and Meat, Simplifying Low Carb, and Alzheimer's

September 4, 2018 / by Scott

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP, has a master's degree in human nutrition and is a certified nutrition specialist and nutritional therapy practitioner. She is the author of the book "The Alzheimer's Antidote" and writes about low carb and ketogenic science on TuitNutrition.com.

 Amy Berger joins the Carnivore Cast to talk about meat, women, keto, and Alzheimer's


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Amy and I get into:

  • Why it is easy to complicate low carb / keto and how to get results easily
  • Gender bias and meat
  • Why we shouldn't fear protein
  • Possible causes and treatment of Alzheimer's disease
  • Why she hasn't tried carnivore yet
  • And much more!

Where to find Amy:


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Written by Scott

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