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November 23, 2018 / by Scott

Danny Vega (@KetoCounterCulture  / FatFueledFamily) is an expert in strength, conditioning, and performance, and how to apply nutrition to optimize all of these. I’ve been following Danny for years and I would describe him as a jacked, wise, considerate, and generous philosopher-king of keto. Danny has a MS in Human Performance from the University of Florida. His passions include ketogenic and carnivore dieting, strength and conditioning, stoicism, libertarianism, and of course, raising his sons Dean and Desmond in a holistic way with his equally amazing wife Maura.

Danny Vega Keto Carnivore Athlete

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Danny and I dive into:

  • How he got into keto and sharing his story through social media
  • Keto for strength training vs. endurance
  • Moving from keto to carnivore and back
  • Flexibility around adding small amounts of carbs for performance
  • Keto/carnivore for body composition and hypertrophy training
  • His daily diet
  • Keto/low carb for kids
  • Fasting
  • Fat vs. protein
  • The value of experimenting vs. consistency
  • Loving what you do and leaving your day job
  • And much more!


Check out the HVMN podcast for more on keto and performance, as well as their recent series on carnivore!


 Where to find Danny:



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Written by Scott

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