Kurt Havens - Bodybuilding Pharmacology

February 23, 2024 / by Scott

Kurt Havens is an expert in Bodybuilding Pharmacology, performance-enhancing drugs, anabolic steroids, and the science of building muscle. He's currently pursuing his PhD in Endocrinology, has coached IFBB pro bodybuilders, competed himself for decades, and written ebooks and courses on HGH and Anabolics Mastery. Kurt has an excellent YouTube channel where he discusses science and interviews experts and bodybuilders.




1:40 - Intro and Kurt's background in bodybuilding

8:00 - Common "evidence-based" PEDs in bodybuilding that are overrated

8:45 - Injectable L-Carnitine

10:45 - Masteron, DHTs, and AIs

19:15 - Proviron

22:30 - Clenbuterol (not overrated) - cycling

25:15 - Telmisartan

30:25 - Primobolan and Test/Primo ratios

32:30 - Overused supplements in bodybuilding

32:45 - Sodium

36:25 - Yohimbine

38:00 - Sleep and insomnia

38:25 - Magnesium and proper dosing for bodybuilders

39:05 - Bodybuilding rebounds post-show - stay on AAS or go to TRT?

44:05 - Growth hormone






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Written by Scott

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