Ashley Noelle - Overcoming Child Abuse PTSD, IBS, Acne, and Energy from Vegan to Carnivore

July 27, 2021 / by Scott

Ashley Noelle Richardson (@coachashleynoeller) is a healthy 39-year-old Massage Therapist and a 3+ year Carnivore. She coaches part-time with MeatRx as well: She’s grateful for the Carnivore Lifestyle, which gives her a new lease on life. By the age of 24, she was a suicidal child abuse survivor with many health issues that her doctors couldn’t help her overcome. She had been in talk therapy since age 7 and tried numerous medications for depression. She had acne, a chronically bloated belly and was constantly troubled in mind and spirit. Her health declined even further as she developed insulin resistance and cavities on the Vegan diet. As a Carnivore, she reports a drastically improved Self Esteem now that she’s healed chronic Acne, improved her energy and mood, and has finally controlled a 27-year battle with IBS. 


Ashley NOelle Richardson


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Written by Scott

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