016: Siobhan Huggins - Deep Dive on Cholesterol and Lipidology

October 20, 2018 / by Scott

Siobhan Huggins (@Siobhan_Huggins) is an outstanding citizen scientist who breaks down interesting problems and synthesizes the latest science. She has done extensive work into how lipids impact the immune system and chronic diseases. Siobhan has lost ~80 pounds on keto/carnivore, reversed hypertension, and normalized her blood sugars. She currently collaborates with Dave Feldman, a fellow citizen scientist and self-experimenter famous for his work in exposing myths about cholesterol and explaining the deep science behind it.


Siobhan Huggins

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Siobhan and I dive into:

  • Her health story and changes from going to keto then carnivore
  • Carnivore experiments and the effects on cholesterol (Lp(a))
  • Common lipid profiles from carnivores who come to cholesterolcode
  • Why no cholesterol blood value should be taken in isolation
  • Her work with Dave Feldman
  • Lipid and the immune system and antioxidants
  • Healing her cat with carnivore
  • And much more!


Where to find out Siobhan and her work:

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Written by Scott

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